Sam's Business Journey

Sam’s childhood

Sam grew up in Hong Kong where contains a mixture of Eastern and Western’s culture. As Hong Kong is one of the important international cities in the world, Sam was influenced by its fast pace dynamic in business and the entrepreneurial mine of small business owners. He dreamed to be one of the entrepreneurs since he was young.

In his first year of college, Sam’s dad told him one thing which had brought a huge impact to Sam’s family as well as his career.

Their immigration to the United States had been granted! The application was submitted when Sam was about 8 years old. It was than granted 10 years later. His Dad’s application was certainly intended for Sam’s benefit.

However, Sam was hesitated. Should he stay in Hong Kong to start his career or go to United States to explore his new life right after his graduation?

At first, Sam wanted to stay as he would have higher chance to join a big accounting firm. However, with the encouragement from his dad, he finally decided to go with a little anxiety.

Sam’s new life in the United States

His concern was right. He was unemployed for the first two months after he landed. Many established firms were not willing to hire him as the hiring season was past. After sending out many resumes desperately, he finally was hired by a small CPA firm. Sam was not that happy initially as he wished he could learn more from a reputable firm to begin his career.

He had gradually changed his mind after this initial disappointment.

He has found the experience from that firm was so valuable when he could serve every client comprehensively. The fact he worked closely with every client gave him extensive accounting and tax experience in various industries. Sam knows he would not have learned so much about small to medium businesses if he had worked for a larger firm to start his career.

After securing the foundation of the accounting skills as well as client communication skills in his first job, he was then hired by a local reputable firm as a manger. That further equipped Sam to learn how to manage his team to serve his clients. His former employer also sponsored him to finish the master degree of taxation in California State University East Bay.

A new chapter in Sam’s career

When everything seemed smooth, Sam wanted to quit as he did not forget about his passion which is developing his own business. He felt inadequate to provide consultation services to his business clients if he has never run any business by himself.

He was hesitated to start his own practice because it would bring a lot of financial uncertainties to his young family. He was blessed to have a considerate wife who encouraged him to start the accounting practice as she knew his passion is in business development. That was the greatest comfort and fuel for Sam to pursue his dream. The accounting practice was officially started in his basement in 2006! Of course, he was the only employee of his firm.

Despite of working long hours and the financial pressure in running the business, Sam is happy to see how his experience and knowledge can benefit his clients. In the last 10 years, his practice has been grown steadily by word of mouth. The growth allows him to build his team. Now he has an office in Alameda and he is leading 7 professional staff (including 2 CPA’s) serving over 400 clients.

More about Sam

Sam is a father of a 10-year-old girl and 8-year-old son. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is also thankful to have privilege to serve in a worship team in his church in Oakland. He now resides in Castro Valley.