Here are what we can offer

You deserve a whole accounting team to asssit you to grow your business.

Experience and Knowledge

Our team consists of 3 CPA’s and 1 MBA, we are bringing over 15 years of experience to your business

You Need a Professional

Many small businesses rely on software to prepare their books and file tax returns. While the software can help them generate reports and tax forms, it can never replace knowledge and experience of CPA who can give you advice and planning.


Again, we are small, but we are more flexible. We will understand what you need and tailor a solution for your situation in a timely manner.


We are local. You don’t get support from emails only. We are happy to meet with you in person!

Timely Financial Information

We aim at closing your books every 30 days in a timely manner. That means you can make use of the reports to monitor your business better, allow you to see trends developing, and help you plan for the future

Unlimited Consultation

Use us as a sounding board, almost like your CFO, in all important financial decisions. This will help you make the right decisions and help you understand the new tax laws.

Is this something can help you grow your business and meet the government's compliance?
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Meet the compliance

You now have peace of mind when you know your tax reports, as well as other government forms, are correct and filed on time which saves you money in penalties and interest for late filing.

Pick Up Information

We want you to focus on your business. You are welcome to go to our office to deliver accounting records for bookkeeping. You can also take the convenience as We can come to you each month, or you can send them via the internet or mail them to us. We know how to stream line the process and let you focus on your business.

Fixed Fee Arrangement

Unlike other transitional CPA firms which charge you on hourly rate, our offer of fixed fee arrangement can give you better budget. More importantly, make the most out of our accounting team and let us help you grow the business together.

Tax planning

When was your last time meeting with your accountant or their team? Did they give you any tax advice? The more you make, the more IRS will want to take. We will show you how to keep more legally.

Is this something can help you grow your business and meet the government's compliance?
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