If you google home use office , you may find the form 8829. As long as you set aside a space in your home for business and use it regularly and exclusively , then you can deduct the home use office expense by form 8829.

However, if you further read the instruction of form 8829, it is only designed for the single member LLC and sole proprietor. What if you run your business as corporation , can you still claim home use office?

The answer is YES!

It is not going to be claimed under form 8829, you will serve as employee of your corporation and you will claim the reimbursement through accountable plan.

When the corporation issue you a check for such reimbursement, this is the office expense of the company, but it is not income to you. It is just a reimbursement to you.

Don’t be confused you would lose the deduction right of home use office if you run your business as corporation. Although form 8829 is not applicable to corporation, you can still get the tax benefit by accountable plan.


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